Loyalty To Your Vendor Is The Best Way To Buy Kratom

The Kratom trade has never been more buoyant, with new vendors popping up literally every day. It is difficult to say for certain how many, but the number of dedicated and active online kratom stores is comfortably into the several thousand. Considering this figure doesn’t involve private listings or multiple product stores, sourcing a decent vendor to buy kratom from can seem like a complete minefield.

In this article, we’re going to quickly discuss what to look for when choosing a vendor. Then we’ll explain in detail why once you’re satisfied with the product, building a long-term relationship is always a sensible approach.

Spotting A Quality Vendor

Google ‘best kratom vendor’ and you’ll receive pages of referral sites. Check out a few of these and one thing becomes obvious right away – it’s rare to see all but the biggest names (with marketing budgets) mentioned more than once! Let’s face it, no vendor is going to advertise ‘basic quality kratom’! Much as they all claim to have ‘the best’ not many really deserve anywhere close to that title.

Take these sites with a big pinch of salt and instead take an hour or two to read through the best user review sites. Not only will this build up a picture of who the most reliable stores are, but even better they’ll discuss the newest operations to hit the scene.

Good places to start would be the imaginatively titled The Kratom Forum (www.thekratomforum.com) or Kratom Connoisseurs (www.kratomconnoisseurs.com). If you know what kind of strain you prefer, a handy tip is to look for specialists in that particular variety.

Satisfied With Your First Order?

Let’s fast forward a little and consider that maybe after trying out two or three vendors, you’ve settled on one who delivers a quality product. Excellent – and chances are that you may have received an unexpected freebie with each of those first orders? This is a common practice in the highly competitive world of kratom vending but don’t let that sway your judgment. But again, let’s just assume you’ve found a vendor who you are happy to buy kratom from, and so what happens next?

It is increasingly common – especially among the larger vendors – to be offered a ‘coffee shop’ loyalty bonus. Perhaps they’ll throw in a free pack after five or ten purchases. Intrinsically speaking, there’s nothing wrong with that. But doesn’t it feel just a little bit ‘corporate’ for want of a better description?

Smaller Can Be Much Better

For many people, the big players are all fine and dandy. You’ll get what you pay for but ultimately there’s not much of a personal touch involved. This is why nobody should rule out the advantages of trying out some of the smaller, more specialist vendors. Customer support exists for a reason and more often than not, if you contact them and ask for a small sample (perhaps offer to pay the shipping) they will oblige.

Once you have your sample and are satisfied, provide feedback directly to the vendor. Express how great it is, place an order and assure that you will be back for more. Maintain feedback after every subsequent order and just watch those freebies and discounts mount up. With a quality small time vendor, it is far from unusual to be offered either ‘double your kratom’ or even straight-up 50% discounts to loyal and dedicated customers.

So when looking to buy kratom – be savvy, engaging and active with your favorite supplier. It really can pay.